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    We offer a wide array of services including cleanings, exams, CEREC same day crowns, on-lays, in-lays, veneers, simple extractions, partial and full dentures, implant restorations, whitening, tooth colored fillings, periodontal care, simple root canals, and more.

  • In-Office Teeth Whitening

    Add Sinational Smile to your next cleaning and experience a whiter, brighter smile!

    Sinsational Smile - Our In-Office Whitening System

    For more than 14 years, until 2018, we flat refused to offer in-office whitening services because we couldn't find a system that offered good results without causing substantial tooth sensitivity, costing too much or taking too much of a patient's time. We do not believe in offering our clients services that don't honor their investment of time and money. Period.


    A new system, called Sinsational Smile, recently came to market and addresses the issues we had with in-office dental whitening systems previously. We're now pleased to offer Sinsational Smile as an option to our patients! It does not require making impressions for trays or sitting in the chair for a long time. Most patients are done in only 20 minutes!


    Sinsational Smile works best when coupled with a regular cleaning. Call the office at 704-375-6831 to schedule your cleaning or to add Sinsational Smile to your already scheduled appointment.

    GLO Whitening



    A beautiful, healthy, white smile has the power to change your life and make you light up - inside and out!


    GLO Professional Treatments represent our highest level professional-strength products and services, available exclusively through GLO partner dental practices who are committed to providing their patients with the very best technology and experience available anywhere.


    GLO is trusted by thousands of GLO partner dental practices to provide their patients with the best GLO teeth whitening and therapeutic options to fit their lifestyles and smile needs.


    Forget about uncomfortable trays, drippy gels, and messy strips. Our patented GLO Vials are designed to let you brush on the specially formulated, sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel in seconds.

    Plus, they feature an air tight seal inside so you always get fresh, active gel even after opening - no refrigeration required.

    Simply brush the gel directly onto your teeth - it will penetrate and evaporate. No messy strips needed and no need to rinse. Each GLO Vial contains enough gel for at least 6 applications.

    Use GLO Vials on their own to whiten in seconds on-the-go, or accelerate your results by pairing them with your GLO Device.


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  • How to get to our office

    We are located at:

    Metroview Building

    1900 Randolph Rd. Ste. 404

    Charlotte, NC 28207


    When you arrive at our office, all parking for our complex is in the parking deck. A limited amount of handicapped parking is available immediately adjacent to the Metroview Building. Public transportation is available via the CityLynx Gold Line and also the 4th & Hawthorn Ln bus routes.


    NOTE: SUMMER 2019... We will be moving to 2711 Randolph Rd, Ste 501, Charlotte, NC 28207.
    Follow the new office construction on our Facebook page.

    Conveniently located in the Midtown/Elizabeth neighborhood.

    We are located adjacent to the campus of Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in the Metroview Building.

    This is at the corner of Randolph Rd and S Caswell Rd.

    Look for the Metroview building on your right as you enter to park.

    The Metroview building is connected to the parking garage by a covered walkway on the ground level and by a climate controlled pedestrian bridge on the second floor of Midtown Medical Plaza.

    If someone drops you off, be sure they drop you off at the front door to the Metroview Building, 1900 Randolph Rd.

    Park in the parking deck.

    You will find ample parking in the parking deck. There is an elevator which will take you to the 2nd floor of Midtown Medical Plaza or to the ground floor so you can walk to our office.

    You will take either the covered walkway or the pedestrian bridge on the second floor to the Metroview building.

    The pedestrian bridge is climate controlled and the suggested pathway for anyone wishing to avoid the elevator or in a wheel chair.

    In the parking deck, take the elevator to the 2nd floor to use the pedestrian bridge or ground floor to walk outside.

    2P takes you to the climate controlled pedestrian bridge. Patients needing wheelchair access and anyone wishing to walk indoors should take this route.

    If you wish to walk outdoors, go to 1P and head out the glass doors to your left, under the covered walkway to the 1900 building entrance.

    Follow signs to the Metroview building.

    When you come out of the elevator on the second floor, follow to the right, around the corner and look for a sign saying "Metroview Building" and directing you across the pedestrian bridge.

    Follow zig-zag to the right as you head to the pedestrian bridge

    Left at the end of the first corridor and the bridge entry is right ahead of you.

    When you see the Wells Fargo ATM, you've reached the entry to the pedestrian bridge. Follow the bridge across to the Metroview elevators.

    Once you cross the pedestrian bridge, you will follow the hallway to the central elevators.

    At the Metroview Elevators come up to the 4th floor.

    We are in Suite 404 in the Metroview building.

    We are in Suite 404, which is to your left out of the elevator.


    Bathrooms and water fountains are located to immediately across from the elevators.

    Come in, have a seat and prepare for the best dental experience of your life. Our goal is your comfort and complete satisfaction.


    Dr. Williams and his staff specialize in helping patients remain as comfortable as possible during treatment.

  • Contact & Appointment Request

    MOVING SUMMER 2019 TO: 2711 Randolph Rd, Ste 501, Charlotte, NC 28207

    1900 Randolph Rd. Ste 404
    Charlotte, NC 28207
    Every other Monday 8a-2p
    Tuesday 8a-5p
    Wednesday 8a-5p
    Thursday 8a-5p
    Every other Friday 8a-2p