• Financing & Payment Plan Options

    To help make quality dental care affordable, we offer 3 unique payment plan and financing options.


    iCare Financial offers financing with no credit check and instant approval

    Patients approvals occur the same-day after an in-office application. There is no credit check or hard-pull on your credit report/score. A down-payment and administrative fees apply. Many patients who thought they couldn't afford necessary dental work before find iCare allows them to stop putting off needed care - and potentially creating a bigger expense or pain by waiting.

    Wells Fargo Health Advantage

    Revolving line of credit offering instant approval

    The Wells Fargo Health Advantage card offers patients the option to pay over time at a competitive interest rate. Accounts can be approved instantly in the office and no down-payment is required. Generous approval guidelines make this option attractive to both those with established credit and those seeking to build (or rebuild) their credit history. May be used at any participating provider.



    Accepted by many healthcare providers, including us

    CareCredit is considered the most widely accepted medical credit card. It provides a revolving line of credit that can be used at any participating provider. Approval guidelines and interest rate offerings vary based on credit score.